June 16, 2024

Google is the world’s biggest search engine. Every single day millions of searches are made on Google from the different countries of the world. Google India has released its list like every year stating what people have searched most throughout the year.

 Here in this article, we will show you the list of Google's most searched topics in a categorised manner. 

These are the top 10 searches that Indians have made in the category of entertainment, news, sports, etc.

  1. Indian Premier League (IPL)
  2. CoWIN
  3. ICC T20 World Cup
  4. Euro Cup
  5. Tokyo Olympics
  6. COVID vaccine
  7. Free Fire redeem code
  8. Copa America
  9. Neeraj Chopra
  10. Aryan Khan

Google has also published a list of “Near me” searches that Indians have made throughout the year. This is the list of top 10 “near me”searches that Indians have made in 2021.

  1. COVID vaccine near me
  2. COVID test near me
  3. Food delivery near me
  4. Oxygen cylinder near me
  5. Covid hospital near me
  6. Tiffin service near me
  7. CT scan near me
  8. Takeout restaurants near me
  9. Fastag near me
  10. Driving school near me

Google has also published a list on what Indians have searched most in the category of “how to”. Following are the searches that Indians have made most in this category.

  1. How to register for COVID vaccine
  2. How to download vaccination certificate
  3. How to increase oxygen level
  4. How to link PAN with AADHAAR
  5. How to make oxygen at home
  6. How to buy dogecoin in india
  7. How to make banana bread
  8. How to check IPO allotment status
  9. How to invest in bitcoin
  10. How to calculate percentage of marks

Not only these, Google has also come up with a list of “what is”. These are the top 10 topics on which Indians have searched most by using “what is”.

  1. What is black fungus
  2. What is the factorial of hundred
  3. What is Taliban
  4. What is happening in Afghanistan
  5. What is remdesivir
  6. What is the square root of 4
  7. What is steroid
  8. What is toolkit
  9. What is Squid Game
  10. What is delta plus variant