June 19, 2024

The Venmo app has grown really faster over the last few months. For those who don’t know about Venmo, it is a money payment app. This app is very user-friendly. That’s why the number of users have increased in the last few months.
In this article we will tell you how you can get free cash upto 750 dollars if you are also a user of Venmo. This offer is only available for American citizens. Your age must be more than 18.

First Method
To get free money, you will have to sign up on the app and at the time of signing up, you will have to fill in some details. After filling in the details, you will have to answer some survey questions. Answering the survey questions is the first task in order to get free money. The next step is to complete some deals on your Venmo account. Those deals have to be completed within 24 hours. You don’t have to spend money to complete these deals. After this process you will get your money within three weeks you will be able to redeem your money.

Second Method
You can get free money on the Venmo app by playing games as well. For participation in the games on Venmo, choose any game which you like to play from the Venmo app. After selecting your favorite game, you will have to download that particular game. After this you will get a time period from the Venmo app on how long you will have to play that game. When you complete playing that game for the instructed time limit, you can claim your reward on the Venmo app.

Third Method
Like most of the payment apps, Venmo also has a feature of refer and earn. You can refer Venmo to your friends and relatives. When they sign up on Venmo by using your referral code, you will be eligible to get five dollars. But there is a limit on that. Your referral code can be only used by ten people. Still, it’s a great way to earn fifty American dollars.

Fourth Method
Fourth and final method of earning money through the Venmo app is by shopping. You will have to shop on the Venmo app. There are tons of offers and deals always going on the Venmo app. When you shop from the Venmo app, you will get a good amount of cash back.