July 17, 2024

This is how Google Ads can help you in growing your business 

If you want your business, services, etc. to reach as many people as possible, then you first need to advertise your business or services. Now there are many ways to advertise like newspapers, advertisements on TV, Loudspeaker and the most powerful internet etc.

In today’s time, 87% of people spend most of the time on the Internet, due to which advertising on the Internet is most profitable and you can easily advertise your business products or services to people anywhere in the world by just sitting at your home.

How to advertise business on Google ads?

There are many platforms to advertise business on the Internet such as: Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads etc.  Where you will find your customers. But today in this article, we will only understand about Google ads. 

What is Google Ads

Google Ads was earlier known as Google Adwords but in 2018 Google renamed Google Adwords to Google Ads and now it is known as Google Ads

As we know that the main source of income of Google is Google Ads. In 2010, Google earned 28 Billions Dollars from Google Ads, after that its income is increasing continuously.

Advertising facilities like PPC (Per Click Cost), CPM (Click Per Thousand), Text, Banner, Videos Ads etc. have been provided on Google Ads

You can advertise your services and products on Google Ads very easily according to your budget. You can show Ads (Advertisement) in Youtube Videos, wherever you want in People’s Website, Blogs and Search Engine. It can be said in an easy way that Google Ads does different types of advertisements, along with doing Google advertisements on its website like Blogger, Youtube, it also does it on Self Hosted Websites and Blogs of other people. Google does not take anyone’s help to show advertisements in Search Engine because Google is Search Engine, advertisements on Google Search Engine are shown with the help of Google’s Team and Software, so Google gets all the money for all the advertisements shown on Google Search Engine. People who advertise on Google Ads want to show advertisements on Websites and Blogs in addition to Search Engine, for this Google also shows advertisements on the Websites and Blogs, for which the owner of Websites and Blogs pays the money for the advertisement. The best thing is that Google never cheats its customers. For that Google has made very good terms and conditions. You can also earn money from home by working with Google, for this you must have a Website, Blog or Youtube Channel where you will place the advertisement of people from Google.

If you have a blog or website, then you can also earn money by placing advertisements on your blog or website.  For this you have to connect your website with Google Adsense.

How does Google Ads work?

Google Ads works in a very simple way, for this Google takes the advertisement of their services and business from the people with the help of Google Ads.

After that, with the help of software and Google Team, the ads of the logo appear in the Search Result of the Search Engine.

To show the advertisement on the blog and website of the people, Google Ads gives all the ads to Adsense and then the owners of websites and blogs who have an approved Adsense account can remove ads from their Adsense account and place them on the website and blogs.  

In this way, Google keeps 30-40% of the money received from advertising and gives the remaining 60-70% to the owner of the website and blog through an Adsense account. If you want to earn money by placing ads on Website Blog, then you first need a Website or Blog, after that you have to create an Adsense Account. If you want to reach your business or services to more and more people by advertising on Google Ads, then for that you have to create a Google Ads Account.

How to create Google Ads Account?

You get a Promotional Code on creating an account on Google Ads, by applying which you show an advertisement of Rs-500, Google Ads gives you Rs. 2000 free. With which you can make your Rs 2000 advertisement free. To get Rs 2000 for free, you have to create a new account in Google Ads. For this you have to follow the following steps:

Step#1.  You have to search by typing Google Ads in Google. Where you have to click on the first Google Ads link in search of Google Ads.

Step#2.  Now on the next page you have to enter the email address from which you want to create an account and click on Get Offer Code.

Create AdWords account

If you have a Gmail Account, you can use

Google Email Address.

steps # 3 – Now on the next page you will find Thanks For Submitting Your details written, below that you have to click on Start advertising.

Step4#.  Now you have to choose whether your account is individual or you are creating this account for business.

Step#5.  Now you have to enter the address (URL) of your website or Youtube channel or whatever business you want to advertise and click on Continue.

Step#6.  Now you have to sign in with your Google Account.

After signing in with Google Account, your Google Ads Account will be created and the Promotional Code of Rs 2000 will also be successfully applied in your account.

Now you have to advertise Rs 500, after which Rs 2000 will come in your account, using which you will easily be able to advertise Rs 2000 for free.

How to advertise by creating a campaign on Google Ads

Once you create an account on Google Ads, after that you can create a campaign on your Ads account and run advertisements, it is very easy, by following all the steps below, you will be able to advertise easily with Ads. To run an advertisement, you have to follow four steps. These steps are Create Campaign, Create ad Groups, Create Ads, Review Ad Groups. All four steps are very easy, you will learn to run advertisements by completing all the steps in 5 to 8 minutes.  

How to make campaign in adwords account

Below all the options have been told from which option your ads will be shown, so choose the option only after reading all the options thoroughly.

Search Option with Display Network – This option means that your ad will be shown in Google Search, along with that your ad will also be shown on people’s website and blogs. If you choose this option then more people will be able to see your ad and it can advertise a lot in less time.

Search Network only – By choosing this option, your ad will be shown only in google search.

Display Network Only – In this option your ad will be shown only on websites and blogs.

Shopping – In this option your ads will be shown on shopping websites.

Video – In this option, your ad will be shown only and only in Youtube videos.

Universal App Only – In this option, your ads will be shown only and only in Android apps. After reading about all the options, you will be able to choose the option easily and after choosing all the options, the process is the same. Therefore, after selecting these options, follow the steps below. In this method, we have selected Search Option with Display Network, you can follow the further steps by choosing any option. Now you have to name the campaign of your advertisement, which can be anything like – campaign # 1 etc.

You have to select the place where you want to show the advertisement.  Like India, Pakistan etc. you can choose according to yourself. Now Bid Strategy has to be made for advertisement in which you have to choose 3 things.

1.Choose Automated- Maximizes Clicks for maximum clicks

You can keep CPC according to your needs if you want to keep it or you can leave it blank. How much money do you want to spend in a day? Below this you will get three more options.  Location, Site links and Call If you want to turn on this option, then you can do it, I only turn on Location and Site links for my advertisement. Below you have to click on save and continue.

 2. Create Ad Groups

 The first step takes a little time, but the rest of the three steps are very small and easy, in this step you have to create an Ad Group. First of all, you have to enter the URL of your blog. As soon as you enter the URL, you will see the keywords related to your advertisement in suggestions, you can choose the keywords accordingly. According to you, you can use keywords as per your wish. After that you have to give the name of Group ads which you can give anything. Now you have to go to the next step by clicking on continue then ad.

 3. Create Ads

 In that step, you have to tell how the ad logo should look and create your ad.  For this, you have to re-enter the URL of your advertisement, write the headline which should be visible to the people and write a little description. In Side, you will be able to prepare the advertisement easily by looking at the example. After creating ads, you have to click on Create ad and now your ad is ready.  Now you will reach the next step.

4. Review Ad Group

 Your ad has been created in the last step, now in this step you can see the status of your ad whether it is running or not. When you create and prepare an ad, then the Ads team looks at your ads whether it follows the policy and term and conditions of Google Ads or not and then approves your ads and your ads (advertisements) run. It seems that for this there should be money in your Ads account. You can choose the option of payments by going to payments in your ads account and put money in the ads account, with the help of which your ad can run and more and more people can see your ad.


We hope You will like the information about Google Ads and you will understand almost all the information related to Google Ads. If you have not understood anything in this post or have any question related to this post, then you must ask in the comment section.